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Monday, July 8, 2013 - Actor Sam Rockwell and his The Way, Way Back castmates were constantly reprimanded by staffers at the family-friendly water park where they filmed the

drama for their foul language.

The star hunk, Steve Carell and Allison Janney shot the project at the Water Wizz in Massachusetts last summer and directors Jim Rash and Nat Faxon have revealed the bawdy castmates were frequently scolded by park managers for their profane language.

Rockwell found himself in hot water after ad-libbing a particularly dirty

scene and Rash tells New York Magazine, "We started really early before the park opened, so we were OK for a while, and it didn't dawn on us that they had opened, and we were still shooting that scene, and then he (Rockwell)

was sort of improvising at some point, and I remember them coming over and

almost ripping the microphone out of his hand!

"It wasn't even that super-X-rated. It's a family-run place, and I think they're maybe slightly sensitive, because there are a lot of young kids running around everywhere, so that was maybe slightly inappropriate."

And Faxon adds, "Yeah, and I think it's on a constant loop, take after take, so everyone's enjoying the place and they keep hearing, 'Herpes!'"

Shooting at a functioning water park also led to a number of interruptions from nosy onlookers.

Rash says, "The other issue with the park being open and us shooting within it, you do battle a lot of lookiloos, people walking by and staring right into the camera. We had our AD (assistant directing) team dressed in Water Wizz employee outfits, so they could be disguised as they moved people along."

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