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Wednesday 5 December, 2001 Announces Advanced Ticket Sales for Lord of the Rings Announced Today that Advanced Tickets for the Upcoming Film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring are Now Available for Purchase Online

Sunday 18 November, 2001 Sets $2.9 Million Record for Advanced Ticket Sales

Opening Weekend for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Drives Record Setting Ticket Sales on

Wednesday 14 November, 2001 Announces Record Advance Ticket Sales

Over $1 Million in Tickets Sold for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on

Tuesday 23 October, 2001 Announces Affiliation Agreement with Knight Ridder Digital to Power Ticketing Engine for Knight Ridder Digital Real Cities Web Sites

Tuesday 2 October, 2001 Announces Agreement with Yahoo!

Buying Tickets Online 'Easier Than Ever' as Ticketing Platform Debuts on Yahoo! Movies

Monday 27 August, 2001

Follow-Up Mission: The Stryker Family and Team Up Again

Exciting New Trailer Scheduled to Debut Nationally over Labor Day Weekend

Wednesday 8 August, 2001’s Online Ticket Sales Surpass 2 Million Tickets Sold Mark is the #1 Provider of Print At Home Movie Ticketing

Tuesday 7 August, 2001’s Online Ticketing Services Now Available on America Online

Online Ticketing Sales Inventory Expanded to Approximately 80% of North America’s Online Movie Screens.

Thursday 28 June, 2001 Enhances Web Site

Re-Designed Web Site Offers Enriched "My MovieTickets" Membership Program Now Offering Broader Access to At Home Ticket Printing.

Friday 25 May, 2001 Announces Record Advance Ticket Sales For Memorial Day Weekend Driven By Strong Demand For "Pearl Harbor" Provides Advance Ticketing Engine for is First Site to Sell Tickets for the Film.

Tuesday 10 April, 2001

Hoyts Cinemas Partners with Movie Ticketing Service

Fast and Easy Online Ticketing Service to be Available to Hoyts' 926 Screens in the Northeast

Wednesday 21 March, 2001

AOL Moviefone and Announce Alliance to Give Consumers National Access to Movie Ticketing

Ticketing Services Now Cover More Than 85% of the Movie Screens Nationwide That Offer Internet Ticketing America Online, Inc. to Make Minority Investment in

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